Mar 22, 2011

Light Bulb Blues

I'll be honest, I've never tried this.

I also don't know why anyone should get into the trouble of mastering this funny craft, however, I've been getting more and more messages about this lately so I decided to do a little research (no, not the town library, a few searches in google and youtube) and here's what I came up with:

Youtube sample

Here's a guy attempting to play lap guitar without a lap guitar and without a bar or slide...

Weird guitar styles

Here's what this guy has to say about light bulbs and Xmas ornaments (!?)

"Light bulbs are easy. I've used light bulbs that are plugged in and hanging over the stage, or over the bar. The only reason I haven't done it with a Christmas ornament is because there hasn't been one handy. But it hasn't been for lack of Christmas spirit."

Street musicians

Old woman from Russia, the uploader says. Not very comprehensive musically but there is a certain hobo quality about her:


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  1. there is the guy who plays with the spoon..!!