Apr 26, 2011

Feelin' Bad Blues

Feelin' bad blues is a theme written and played by Ry Cooder for the 1986 film Crossroads. In the film the main character Eugene (Ralph Macchio) plays this theme when he wakes up in a motel room to find his girl gone, so he gets the blues, grabs his Tele, turns on the pignose and playes his heart out. His mentor Willie Brown (Joe Senecca) acknowledges that the boy now knows what the blues is all about, which brings a sense of accomplishment for their whole trip down south (though Willie really has a hidden agenda, to meet the devil once again so he can bargain back his soul).

Apr 19, 2011

Teaspoon slide technique

Upon popular request, finally, here's a blog about this unique technique of slide playing guitar using... a teaspoon..!

Most internet searches on teaspoon guitar pop material about a guy named Hannes Coetzee. Apparently he is very big in his native country (South Africa) and rightfully so, since his mastery of this technique (called  "optel and knyp"..?) is amazing.

Apr 12, 2011

Open Tunings ~ a quick guide

Slide guitar playing is almost synonymous with open tunings, and so, anyone experimenting seriously with a slide or bottleneck should consider switching to an open tuning.

Apr 6, 2011

The Rock 'n' Rolla Slider

This piece here is a boogie woogie rythm with some slide lead in it. When I recorded it it sorta sounded like rock 'n' roll - though it was not intended to go there originally. So I decided to name it Rock 'n' Rolla Slider. You can practice with it and go on for ages adding variations of the slide phrases.