About Me

Like it says in the profile, I play slide 'n' I'm a daddy.

When I was younger I had aspirations of becoming a full time musician by profession, creed and habbit. As life would have it I ended up with a day job, so scratch one. I've outgrown dogma, so scratch two. And being a dad I'm always struggling for spare time to invest in things other than my family, so scratch three.

So what's the deal here you may ask. When does this guy practice and when does he write blogs? Ok things aren't that bad actually. First off, headphones as a device were invented mainly to allow dads to practice their fading guitar skills when the kids are off to bed. And secondly, blogging is a much more creative way to complement your sandwich during lunch break than Facebook. Furthermore, if you find yourself on an irresistable creative streak you can always skip Sunday's football, Friday's gym, and / or a couple of hours of sleep / TV / knitting or whatever you do with yourself that makes you happy and put some extra time on the fretboard.

I'm not suggesting you should resort to any of the above methods, don't get me wrong, that's entirely up to you my reader. I'm just saying life is an endless compromise for time; you just never seem to have the time to do all the things you wan't to do before you die. So you compromise. Acceptance is bliss by the way. You learn to live with the things you didn't or won't ever do. Only one thing is for sure: Your guitar skills will only grow as much as the time you spend with your guitar. Time away from something else that is.

So do your calculations, make the decisions and stop whining about it. I know I have and yes I'm now beginning to enjoy it!