Apr 6, 2011

The Rock 'n' Rolla Slider

This piece here is a boogie woogie rythm with some slide lead in it. When I recorded it it sorta sounded like rock 'n' roll - though it was not intended to go there originally. So I decided to name it Rock 'n' Rolla Slider. You can practice with it and go on for ages adding variations of the slide phrases.

I made a short video with cars from that era to go with it. There's a certain nostalgic feeling that these old beauties inspire so I think the piece goes well with them. Here goes:



  1. KiddyLee7/4/11 11:28

    Is this fingers or pick?

  2. This was played with fingers though it should be played with fingerpicks. I'm working on improving my fingerpicks technique. It's ok with acoustic. On the resonator I get alot of noise still. Muting is an issue.