May 6, 2011

'round the fireplace

Another great find: Arlen Roth (resonator) and Sonny Landreth (Strat) playing around in a nice and cozy setting next to the fireplace.

I believe this part of a promotional video setup by the company making the fancy lookin' solid brass resonator guitar that Arlen plays with.

Sonny in the back is providing some amazing rythm support while squeezing some incredible sounds of his strat that don't sound like they're coming out of a Strat, a guitar even... That's Sonny Landreth for ya, mister innovation on a glass slide.

Arlen demonstrates his country roots when he goes off at around 1:05 or so. His incredible riffs sound like they're played on a lap steel with a bar. And yet he's on a resonator, known for it's unforgiving noise punishment unless you're a damping master.

Enjoy the full piece (embedding is disabled by youtube for this one. This will open a youtube page):

This here is Sonny testing out the Terraplane™ Resonator himself (again no embedding sorry):

Finally, here's beautiful appearence of Sonny with Mark Knopfler of the Dire Straits (this one IS embedded):


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